Monday, September 3, 2012

First Trimester Favorites

I saw this idea on two of my favorite blogs {here} and {here} and thought it would be fun to look back on the first trimester and remember the things I couldn't live without. This list probably makes me look like the world's biggest fatass. Ah well.

#1. Nesquik chocolate milk powder - I actually rolled my eyes the day that I took Keith food shopping with me (what was I thinking?) and he put this in the carriage. "Seriously? Chocolate syrup is much less expensive and it tastes the same!" Little did I know the obsession it would unleash. It does NOT taste the same. I am officially team chocolate powder. Open mouth, insert foot. Leave the syrup to the sundaes. I seriously can not get enough of this stuff.

#2. The Snoogle! - This thing has been my Godsend not only this pregnancy, but my last two as well. I didn't get it until probably around 32 weeks when I was pregnant with Aubrey but I didn't waste any time pulling it out this time! It takes up half our bed, but the face I make every time I lay on it is identical to the creepy face in the picture. Seriously.

#3. Polar Granny Smith Apple Seltzer - My mother would be so proud. As a kid I remember lugging bottles of soda water up our flight of 17 stairs (but who was counting?) after every shopping trip. I was never a fan until I spotted this flavor at the grocery store. It's not too sweet but offers just a kick of that green apple flavor. I bet this would be an amazing mixer..

#4. Gummy prenatals! - I have a hard time swallowing pills even when pregnancy HASN'T shot my gag reflexes to hell. There is no way I am shoving something the size of a football (slight exaggeration) down my throat, so these things have been super helpful.

#5. Apple Cider Cured Bacon - There really are no words. This stuff is amazing. One of our favorite things to laugh about so far this pregnancy was the night that we were going to make  breakfast for dinner but my morning sickness turned me into a slug. Off to bed I went, only to wake up around 8, sneak out into the kitchen (walking right by Keith), grab the plate of bacon that was left over that was in the microwave, and go back to bed and eat it. He was playing Call of Duty or something equally as awful and didn't even notice me get up. The next morning he commented on how the bacon went missing and we both had a good laugh.

#6. Chipotle is one of my happy places. Not as happy as Target, but it's up there. This is the only food establishment I can go to and not have to ever think about what I'm going to get. Steak burrito bowl, brown rice, black beans (light on the beans, heavy on the sauce), peppers & onions, a little mild salsa, cheese, sour cream, and guac (just in case anybody ever wants to surprise me.. wink wink). 


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy :)
    I am also pregnant, I'm 21 weeks right now :)

    I like reading your list of favorites for the first trimester :) I'm gonna do something like that at the end of my second trimester :)

    See you back soon

    1. Congrats mama! Do you know what you're having yet? We find out next week - so excited!

      I look forward to reading your post. I think it will be fun to look back and see what I couldn't live without during pregnancy :)

  2. Those are my fav vitamins! I have taken them the my whole pregnancy!

    1. They are seriously a Godsend! I gag brushing my teeth sometimes, so these are definitely helpful.