Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our run-in with Fifths Disease

The past couple of days have been awful. Addie has not been herself. She has been clingy, tired, miserable, and would not touch her food.

Sunday night she had a fever that we brought down with a bath. She slept like crap all night. At 8:00 Monday morning, it had been 12 hours since her last wet diaper. I called the doctor and they suggested waiting another hour and bringing her in to the emergency room if nothing happened. Keith came home from work and we tried pushing fluids, but she wanted no part of it. So off to the ER we went.

They did some chest x rays and found a lot of mucus in her lungs.. but no pneumonia, thank God. They took bloodwork to see if they could see anything. She was diagnosed with Fifths Disease and bronchitis.  I had never heard of Fifths Disease before so that freaked me the hell out, but I guess it's pretty common. It can cause a rash on the face, arms and legs and just makes kiddos feel miserable. We went home and let her sleep on us for the next 9 hours.

She was still refusing fluids and was so hot and wouldn't move, so we called the doctor again to get her advice. She sent us back to the emergency room. I took her by myself since we didn't wnat to drag Aubrey out of the house into the cold at 11:00 at night.

We finally got her temperature down at the hospital and got her to suck on a popsicle for a little bit, and she finally took a bottle. She did a complete 180 by the time we were getting discharged around 3:00. 

I checked on Aubrey before going to sleep and she was burning up and was crying for some medicine. So now I am dealing with TWO kiddos with this awful virus. We woke up this morning and made a quick run to Target before lunch for some more medicine, tissues, and other necessities and Addie has been sleeping ever since. Praying that the alternating Tylenol and Motrin and some TLC will get these kiddos back to their old selves very soon. <3

Art With A Splash

Over the weekend, Rachel & I attended a class at Art With A Splash and had a BLAST. 

About a month ago, while on the hunt for the perfect birthday gift for my bestie, I found this place by going to Google and typing in "paint and sip [insert your city here]" and saw that there was a local studio offering a class that shows you how to paint Starry Night by Van Gogh. This has always been Rachel's favorite painting so I knew I had to sign us up! We had to wait almost 3 weeks between the time I gave her her gift (which was a bottle of wine, a picture of Starry Night, and a paint brush) to go, and the wait was awful! We were SO ready to go on Friday night!

I was a little nervous because I have zero painting experience. I think the last time I picked up a paint brush was to show Aubrey how to paint in her watercolor book. And to maybe draw a stick figure or two. Pathetic, I know.

To get the feel of the brushes, they had us practice with a dry one.

So far, so good!

I am super proud of our paintings!

Teachers pets, front and center!

If you've been thinking about doing one of these classes, I would absolutely recommend it. It's the perfect night out for girlfriends, couples, and this studio even offers classes for kids that I will definitely be taking the girls to when they get older (with no wine, of course)! I'm amazed that I painted that and I can't wait to display it in our home! 

Also, I wanted to show off the awesome birthday gift that Rachel made for me. "Our" show is Grey's Anatomy. We are Cristina and Meredith to a T. There are some amazing quotes that come out of this show, and we have adopted this one as our own:

Along with some k-cups and a new book, this was the perfect gift for me! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our trip to Maine!

Sometimes, you just need a break from the city life. When that feeling strikes us, we take a few days off of work, pack our bags, and head 4 hours north to my mother in law's house. She lives about 3 hours north into Maine so she is literally in the middle of nowhere. The perfect place for a getaway!

We left on Thursday morning (the 16th, which was my birthday) and naturally had to stop for some caffeine before we hit the highway. A very sweet friend of mine sent me an e-gift card to Starbucks for my birthday!

The girls did great on the car ride and we had fun listening to the playlist that I made for our trip (I'll make another post about that later). 

We got to his mom's house and hung out for a few hours and then decided to go grab some seafood for my birthday. I had to be good because I'm in a Biggest Loser competition, so I got broiled scallops and a baked potato. Having a tiny sliver of the cake his mom made me was torture because it was SO yummy.

On Friday, we decided to take Aubrey to the Maine Children's Discovery Museum while Addie stayed at Grandma's house, since there was literally nothing she could have done being so small. I think Aubrey really loved the alone time she got with us.

We spent the rest of our time up there just hanging out and relaxing. Aubrey had a lot of fun playing the Wii, especially Cooking Mama and Mario Kart!

Plans were to leave early Sunday morning, but after getting on the highway and seeing cars flipped over on the highway due to the snow, we decided to turn around and wait the storm out. It would have easily took us 6-7 hours to make it home and we just were not willing to risk our lives (plus, I know my girls and know there is absolutely no way they would sit still for 7 hours! lol) We went back to Keith's mom's house and the girls and I napped while Keith watched some football. We left for good around 8:00 that night and made it home just before midnight. 

We had a great trip, and the five days off of work were definitely needed!

Boston Children's Museum

It's no secret we love the Boston Children's Museum. It had been almost 2 years since the last time we went, so a trip was definitely overdue!

Keith's sister came along for the adventure and we had a blast! We decided to drive into Boston instead of taking the train and it saved so much time and money, plus we didn't have to worry about the train schedule. Winning! 

This crawl maze goes up three floors! She made it about that far before she wanted to come down. Some day we will get to the top!

Addison was getting DOWN with her bad self! I love the intense look in her eyes haha

These blocks gave me SO much anxiety! She kept trying to eat them! Eww

Making a musical instrument!

Of course we have to see the boats before we leave!

I can't wait to take the girls back when Addie is a little bit older and can enjoy more! Do you have any sweet museums where you live?