Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was quite the eventful one! Friday night, Aubrey got her ears pierced and we colored eggs and sent the girls off to bed. I woke up around 3:00am and could not fall back asleep.

Coffee mug in hand, I went on the computer. It was so nice to be able to surf the 'net without a kid hanging on to my leg, or worrying about taking a call at work, since my job is 100% computer work. I found a fun sounding Egg Hunt in a town about 20 minutes north of us that I decided we would go to later while Keith was at work. I set my alarm and forced myself to go to sleep so I wouldn't be a zombie when the kids woke up demanding waffles.

Aubrey was so excited to learn we were going on an egg hunt. I'm sure Addison was thrilled too. We got ready and off we went!

They had it set into age groups, which I thought was great. The 2-3 year olds (and Addie) went first. What a sight. I've never seen kids (and parents) run so fast. We managed to get a few.

Then it was Aubrey's age group, which was surprisingly a lot more calm. She got the maximum amount of 6 eggs allowed and was thrilled. She even got one with a piece of paper inside, which meant she got to go and pick a special prize (which was an Ariel pez despenser!)

Next on the agenda was a photo op with the Easter bunny. Addison was soooooooooo excited, can't you tell?

Nothing a cookie in the car can't fix! 

Later that night, we planted some jelly beans outside so the Easter bunny could ~make the magic happen~ overnight. The girls woke up and they were not disappointed!

The Easter bunny turned the jellybeans into lollipops! 

We went to my sister's for dinner. She was amazing and made it extra early so I could eat before having to go to work. After I went in, Keith took the girls to his dad's house so they could spend some time with Grammy & Grampy. 

Easter with two kids is seriously so much fun. Last year Addie was just a month old, so it obviously was not interesting to her at all. 

See? Not amused. I wish this picture wasn't so blurry. It's one of my favorites of them. 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Ear Piercings and Egg Coloring

Our Easter weekend kicked off with a trip to the mall (I feel like most of our weekends do. We are raising a family of shopaholics, folks.) Aubrey has been asking for a long time if she could get earrings "like mama". We walked by the Piercing Pagoda and on a whim, I asked her if she wanted to do it right then. We wanted to get them well enough in advance where we could get her some earrings for when she starts school in the fall, but we were going to do it closer to her birthday in July. She said yes, so we picked out some earrings (gold princess crowns, typical Aubrey!) and got ready!

There were tears, of course, but 10 minutes and a lollipop later, we were in Target grabbing some stuff for the house and she was happy as a clam.

We got home and got everything out to color some Easter eggs! You can kinda see her earrings here. 

This picture of Addie was taken moments before she whacked the cup of blue dye (of COURSE it was the blue, why would it have been a less obvious color, like yellow?) all over the place. Thankfully, there were newspapers in front of her that she tossed on the floor and we hadn't picked them up yet, so most of the dye went on those. 

We got some fancy pants kit that had glitter in it. So fun getting glitter all over your hands when you just want to eat an egg!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

100th Post!! + A trip to the Museum

So it took me almost 3 years to get to this post.. which is completely embarrassing but it is what it is. One of these days I'll copy and backdate all of the posts from my old blog over to here, which has another 100 posts. I really just want to have something for the girls to look back on when they are older. I think it would have been amazing to read all about my childhood through my mom's perspective, and I want to give that to them.

Anyway, I wanted to write about our recent trip to the Boston Children's Museum! We were invited by the March of Dimes to participate in their Family Team Appreciation Day. Free admission and a trip to Boston, how could we say no?!

We opted to drive down because taking the train is a huge pain, and it's getting super expensive. And kind of sketchy. 

We got there nice and early and listened to the March of Dimes spiel. They had lots of crayons and stickers for the kids to play with, as well as water and Goldfish, so the girls were happy. After that, we were free to explore the museum.

Love this pic of Addie. Great view of the waterfront!

Our first stop was the Construction Zone, where you can play in bulldozers, climb towers, and run Mama over with a car.

Aubrey's favorite room is, hands down, the convenience store in the Boston Black exhibit, which highlights the diversity in the Boston Black community. They also have a barber shop, complete with checker board, and steel drums that you can play.

At this point, we decided to stop for lunch. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to eat outside and get stalked by this guy. 

After lunch, it was time for some more fun. Addie loved this light-up dance floor.

We spent a ton of time at the water tables.

After this, we split up for a bit. Keith took Aubrey into the Countdown to Kindergarten exhibit and Addie & I ventured into the Under 3 room. Keith doesn't believe in taking photos... EVER.. so I have none from him :(

Here, Addison is checking out this area that had the consistency of a water bed. She wasn't a fan.

Quick stop to Johnny's Workbench. Gotta teach the kid how to use tools.

Going up the center of the museum is a huge jungle gym type thing. It goes up three floors! This was the first time Aubrey kept going until she hit the top.

We stopped at this amazing bakery/cafe for some homemade Oreos and headed home. The girls both slept the whole way, so we got some much-needed peace and quiet after our loud and busy day.