Monday, April 21, 2014

Ear Piercings and Egg Coloring

Our Easter weekend kicked off with a trip to the mall (I feel like most of our weekends do. We are raising a family of shopaholics, folks.) Aubrey has been asking for a long time if she could get earrings "like mama". We walked by the Piercing Pagoda and on a whim, I asked her if she wanted to do it right then. We wanted to get them well enough in advance where we could get her some earrings for when she starts school in the fall, but we were going to do it closer to her birthday in July. She said yes, so we picked out some earrings (gold princess crowns, typical Aubrey!) and got ready!

There were tears, of course, but 10 minutes and a lollipop later, we were in Target grabbing some stuff for the house and she was happy as a clam.

We got home and got everything out to color some Easter eggs! You can kinda see her earrings here. 

This picture of Addie was taken moments before she whacked the cup of blue dye (of COURSE it was the blue, why would it have been a less obvious color, like yellow?) all over the place. Thankfully, there were newspapers in front of her that she tossed on the floor and we hadn't picked them up yet, so most of the dye went on those. 

We got some fancy pants kit that had glitter in it. So fun getting glitter all over your hands when you just want to eat an egg!

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