Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Art With A Splash

Over the weekend, Rachel & I attended a class at Art With A Splash and had a BLAST. 

About a month ago, while on the hunt for the perfect birthday gift for my bestie, I found this place by going to Google and typing in "paint and sip [insert your city here]" and saw that there was a local studio offering a class that shows you how to paint Starry Night by Van Gogh. This has always been Rachel's favorite painting so I knew I had to sign us up! We had to wait almost 3 weeks between the time I gave her her gift (which was a bottle of wine, a picture of Starry Night, and a paint brush) to go, and the wait was awful! We were SO ready to go on Friday night!

I was a little nervous because I have zero painting experience. I think the last time I picked up a paint brush was to show Aubrey how to paint in her watercolor book. And to maybe draw a stick figure or two. Pathetic, I know.

To get the feel of the brushes, they had us practice with a dry one.

So far, so good!

I am super proud of our paintings!

Teachers pets, front and center!

If you've been thinking about doing one of these classes, I would absolutely recommend it. It's the perfect night out for girlfriends, couples, and this studio even offers classes for kids that I will definitely be taking the girls to when they get older (with no wine, of course)! I'm amazed that I painted that and I can't wait to display it in our home! 

Also, I wanted to show off the awesome birthday gift that Rachel made for me. "Our" show is Grey's Anatomy. We are Cristina and Meredith to a T. There are some amazing quotes that come out of this show, and we have adopted this one as our own:

Along with some k-cups and a new book, this was the perfect gift for me! 

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