Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our run-in with Fifths Disease

The past couple of days have been awful. Addie has not been herself. She has been clingy, tired, miserable, and would not touch her food.

Sunday night she had a fever that we brought down with a bath. She slept like crap all night. At 8:00 Monday morning, it had been 12 hours since her last wet diaper. I called the doctor and they suggested waiting another hour and bringing her in to the emergency room if nothing happened. Keith came home from work and we tried pushing fluids, but she wanted no part of it. So off to the ER we went.

They did some chest x rays and found a lot of mucus in her lungs.. but no pneumonia, thank God. They took bloodwork to see if they could see anything. She was diagnosed with Fifths Disease and bronchitis.  I had never heard of Fifths Disease before so that freaked me the hell out, but I guess it's pretty common. It can cause a rash on the face, arms and legs and just makes kiddos feel miserable. We went home and let her sleep on us for the next 9 hours.

She was still refusing fluids and was so hot and wouldn't move, so we called the doctor again to get her advice. She sent us back to the emergency room. I took her by myself since we didn't wnat to drag Aubrey out of the house into the cold at 11:00 at night.

We finally got her temperature down at the hospital and got her to suck on a popsicle for a little bit, and she finally took a bottle. She did a complete 180 by the time we were getting discharged around 3:00. 

I checked on Aubrey before going to sleep and she was burning up and was crying for some medicine. So now I am dealing with TWO kiddos with this awful virus. We woke up this morning and made a quick run to Target before lunch for some more medicine, tissues, and other necessities and Addie has been sleeping ever since. Praying that the alternating Tylenol and Motrin and some TLC will get these kiddos back to their old selves very soon. <3

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