Monday, February 3, 2014

Pneumonia, Frozen and the Super Bowl.

We have had quite a week. Last Monday, Addison was diagnosed with Fifth's Disease and bronchitis. After days of the bare minimum in wet diapers and a fever that wouldn't quit, I made an appointment with her pediatrician on Thursday. After reviewing x-rays and looking her over, pneumonia and a bad ear infection were added to the list. Poor kiddo :(

The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and told me to call back if her wet diapers don't pick up. Thursday night sucked, because I had to go to work and she was SO miserable. All I wanted to do was stay home and snuggle her all night. 

Friday morning, nothing had changed so another call was put in to the pediatrician and she got us right back in. She noticed a lot of wheezing, which she hadn't noticed the day before. She sent us home with a nebulizer treatment and a lung steroid. I got some Pedialyte to make popsicles and we spent our whole night giving her TLC with plans to follow up with the doctor on Sunday morning.

I thought the nebulizer treatments would be torture because she screamed the whole time I was giving her the first one in the doctor's office. But once we were home and in a familiar environment, she has been fine! She even falls asleep through most of them.

On Saturday, I woke up and decided to take Aubrey to the movies to see Frozen. She has been SO GOOD during the week when all I could do is lay on the couch with Addison and being such a big help grabbing me the thermometer, tissues, etc. I wanted to treat her to something special, and it had been a couple months since we've been to the movies so she was so excited to go! We are probably the last people on earth to see the movie so I'm sure this review is nothing new, but it was such an adorable movie. I loved that it was based on two sisters, and that instead of a prince swooping in to save the day, it was the little sister.

On Sunday morning, we woke up and Addison was a whole new person. She was HAPPY again. She kept rolling over while I got her dressed. It had been a week since she did that so I knew she was finally feeling better. The doctor said she looks great. Still a little concerned with the wheezing, so we will be going back again on Friday.

I even took her 11 month picture (2 weeks late, but who's counting?)

After we left the doctor's appointment, we grabbed some food for the Superbowl. Aubrey & I had fun baking some brownies! The Patriots weren't playing so we didn't really get too into it, but I did have fun watching Bruno Mars killing it on the halftime show. I was disappointed in the commercials this year, but whatev.

I'm definitely looking forward to a low-key week! 

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