Sunday, February 16, 2014

Addison's First Birthday Party

I have been meaning to write about Addison's first birthday party and I just couldn't seem to find the time. I feel like I have been so busy lately, I barely get a minute to sit down at my computer! Addison is finally starting to walk, and her favorite thing to do is climb on the couch if she notices that we have walked away or turned our backs for 5 seconds.

I decided on an Olivia the Pig theme, since she loves toting around Aubrey's Olivia stuffed pig (and, let's be honest, I freaking love the tv show and books).

I made Addie's tutu, and got the girl's shirts from my good friend Sheena at The Stitchuation and I am in love with how they turned out!

I am so extremely proud of how the smash cake came out. I know it's super simple but I just adore it!


{Rule of life #63: If I, Olivia, were President, I would make cupcakes a main food group}


{Olivia has lots of her own "rules of life" and I wanted to incoporate that into the party. Most of them are pretty spot on!}

Each of our guests took home a Valentines card, a wallet size photo from Addie's one year shoot, and a homemade sugar cookie!

We went with a lot of red, since it's Olivia the Pig's favorite color and ties in nicely with Valentines Day!

I made the fabric garland and hung monthly photos so everyone could see how much our little lady has grown!

We loved sharing our baby girl's special day with our friends and family, and she had so much fun opening presents and seeing everyone. I still can't believe a year has passed since Addie Grace'd us with her presence! (see what I did there?)


  1. You did a great job with the party! I love the idea of the picture banner! So adorable!

    1. Thank you, Adriana! I loved the photo banner, too. Gotta love Pinterest for all of it's amazing ideas!