Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We have a new niece!

I had been looking forward to this past weekend because I was excited to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Little did we all know, something WAY more eventful was about to take place!!

Say hello to the newest addition to our family! Our beautiful niece, Lillian was born on Saturday evening at a little over 27 weeks gestation. She clocked in at 1lb 12oz and a little over a foot long, but man, this girl is a FIGHTER and she's kicking ass and taking names. In her short 4 days, she has gotten her breathing tube removed, the IVs taken out of her arm, and her momma got to snuggle her for the first time on Tuesday!

We haven't been able to meet her yet since she is still so small and they are being super cautious due to flu season, but my God. I can't even describe the amount of love I have for this little lady already. I worked my fingers numb crocheting a cozy blanket for her over the past couple of days and the spoiling has already started. Aubrey got in on the Lily-lovin' too and drew her a picture! I can't get over her dogs. (and the flowers, sun, and of course Aubrey, Lily & Addie playing)

Our family has truly been blessed. Words can't describe how much I am looking forward to seeing her grow.

Auntie loves you, little lady <3

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