Tuesday, September 25, 2012



That's how many days it has been since Keith asked me to be his girlfriend.  Six years to the date. 

Aww, look at the little babies ;)

Of course, it wasn't that simple. I needed some convincing. I had just broken up with my long-term boyfriend, who still wanted me back, and I was a mess. I went back and forth a million times in my head over what to do. Stay with what I knew or venture out into unknown territory. I don't really know why he waited around as long as he did while I pondered. I know damn well that if the roles were reversed I would have been gone in a second. But I'm glad he did.

{getting ready for our first trip! maine, october 2006}

A month after we started dating, he asked me if I wanted to take a week off and make the 4 hour drive up to Maine with him to meet his mom. Right then I knew I made the right decision and that this was the real thing. I said yes in a heartbeat. 

Our relationship moved at a pretty fast pace. Not long after we started dating, he practically lived at my house.. only going home to shower and get ready for work in the morning. Just days after our one year anniversary, we moved into our first apartment.

{my 21st!}

A year after we moved into our apartment, we started looking at engagement rings. We were ready to take the plunge! And then... a month after that... we found out our lives would change drastically in July 2009. We were pregnant!!

{maid of honor at my best friend's wedding. a week later, we found out there are really 3 of us in this picture!}

Things were fast sailing from there. 2009 was our busiest year to date. We got married and welcomed the most beautiful little girl we ever laid eyes on into our lives!

{our first dance}

{love at first sight}

He's not perfect. Neither am I. But together, we have learned to make it work. He scoops the cat box and I sweep the floors. He makes the pancakes while I dodge bacon grease splatters like my life depended on it. I always leave food in the oven too long, but he prefers his food crispy. He gives me the last bite of his Drumstick.. you know, the last part of the cone where all the chocolate is hiding. He lets me look at all the cute little baby girl clothes for Addison even though he clearly has no interest and would rather poke his eyeballs out with a pitchfork. 


I can't wait to see what the next 2,193 days brings.
♥ ♥ ♥

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