Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Family Fall Fun!

This past weekend was a blast! We have been trying to get to an apple orchard or a fair for the past month but the weather has been less than perfect.. but this Saturday we couldn't have asked for better weather! 

I began to panic as we reached Friday and I couldn't find an apple orchard that was still open. I promised Aubrey that this would be the weekend and she was so excited. The orchards around here always open really early in the season, so by the time October rolls around, the apples are slim picking. A friend recommended an adorable farm about 20 minutes away that we had never even heard of. 

Saturday morning, the first words out of this little lady's mouth were "Are we going apple picking now?!?"

{bright & early - ready to go!}

Our first stop was the corn maze! Not only was this Aubrey's first corn maze, but it was mine as well (I know, I know). 

{"Daddy's eating my head!"}

Before our hayride, I naturally had to make everyone pose for a cheesy family photo op:

{they'll thank me for this later, right?}


After our corn maze and hay ride tour of the farm, we decided to pick out some pumpkins to carve. Aubrey found the perfect one for her!

We had to get into the car to drive down the dirt road leading to the apple orchard, but of course we had to stop at the farmstand and get some apple cider donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin whoopie pies. All were fantastic! Besides the whole 'not being able to have pumpkin beer', I am loving being pregnant in the fall! So many yummy foods to splurge on and nobody thinks twice if I go for a second donut ;)

Aubrey had so much fun finding apples on the trees!

We were blown away at the amount of apples left in the orchard. We ended up getting over 23 pounds of apples for just $20.. so much cheaper than the farm that we usually go to! We have definitely found our new favorite farm and Aubrey can't wait to bring Addison back next year to show her the ropes of apple and pumpkin picking :)

We made a pit stop on the way home to pick up pumpkin carving patterns. Aubrey had fun scraping out the pumpkin brains..

{"Ewww, this is digusting mama!"}

Naturally, my child picked out Angry Birds patterns..

While Aubrey & her daddy finished up carving the pumpkins, I sliced up some apples and put an apple crisp in the oven. Topped with ice cream, this was the perfect way to end our perfect day!

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