Thursday, May 8, 2014

Exploring Kindergarten

This fall, my baby will start her first year of school. She will officially be part of the Class of 2027. *sob*

We got to go to her school for a Parent Information Night, where we learned some of the school's procedures, learned their expectations of children going into Kindergarten, had the opportunity to ask questions, and even got the chance to explore both of the Kindergarten classrooms.

If there is a puzzle around, Aubrey will find it! She is a puzzle maniac.

We knew this school was PERFECT for her when we saw all of the 101 Dalmation characters painted along the walls in the hallway! Dalmatians are her favorite breed of dog. She loves 101 Dalmations, and her favorite dog on Paw Patrol is Marshall. She HAD to have me take a picture.

Although I will be a wreck when she starts school, I think getting a chance to see the school where she will be spending her days starting this Fall really helped calm some of my fears. Now to get cracking on learning some sight words that she doesn't know on the list that they gave us!

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