Friday, May 9, 2014

Canobie Lake Park

Last Saturday, we decided to take an impromptu trip to opening day at our local amusement park. Aubrey had only been one other time, when she was 2, so I was excited to bring her back and for Addie to have her first time. And hellooo, I needed my roller coaster fix.

We got there just as they opened and headed to the ferris wheel. This was the only picture I got because Addie was being a squirm worm the whole time. 

This was the perfect day to go. It was cool enough where a lot of people didn't venture out, so we never had to wait in line for a ride.

I wasn't too sure about Addie going on a ride alone (or with Aubrey) but she did great and had so much fun!

She even rode a few by herself when Aubrey went on some bigger rides!

Quick lunch break. No outside food or drink is permitted, so we had to suck it up and spend $30 on a few lunch baskets. Oy. At least this pic of the girls is adorable and priceless ;)

Carousel ride was a huge hit!

After a few more rides, Daddy wanted some fried dough, so we all shared one. 

Naptime for Addie with the frog her daddy won at a fishing game. Aubrey got one, too!

Yay for soft serve dips! Keith got butterscotch, Aubrey & I shared cherry. Addie was still asleep ;)

The Caterpillar! For some reason, Keith hates this ride. But we talked him into going on it.

Time for a break. Playing with her bubble gun and watching the big splash that the Boston Tea Party ride is about to make..

Anybody have bail?

We didn't plan on staying the whole 7 hours the park was open, but we were having a lot of fun. Finally, it was 5:30. The park was closing in a half hour so we decided to do one more ride: The Log Flume. Basically it's a water roller coaster. I'm sure they have them at other amusement parks. I was a little skeptical of Aubrey going on, but she fit the height requirement and said she wanted to, so Keith took her. I'm so glad she decided to. LOOK AT THIS FACE. The look of terror and fun all in one facial expression. She made me go on with her after they got off so she could ride it again!

All that excitement wore them out. They both slept the whole way home. 

We can't wait to go back in the summer. They have a little water park and a few more water rides that we are excited to go on!

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