Thursday, July 25, 2013

Falling for Fall!

I know it's still July, and I KNOW we still have another whole month until we are in an official "fall" month, but I get so antsy mid-summer when I start thinking about sweatshirts, apple cider, and pumpkin picking. The cool weather today after New England's record breaking heat wave over the past week sure doesn't help! Aubrey & I wasted no time making some yummy coffee cake while AG babbled and nommed on her teething ring from her high chair.

During the summer, I brew coffee with my Keurig and throw it in the fridge to make iced coffee, so having a hot cup of coffee after my scalding hot shower was serious perfection.

Like many, fall is my favorite time of year. The festivities, the food, the colors, the foods, the smell.. Everything about it is amazing.

Ever since we went apple picking last year, Aubrey has been ecstatic to teach her "little sister how to go apple 'tickin!"

And naturally, I'm wicked excited for a pumpkin patch photo shoot in these gems I picked up on clearance at the end of the season last year! I have been seriously looking forward to this photo op since I laid eyes on them. Hopefully Squishy fits in her 12 month shirt! 


  1. Aw cutie onsies! Fall is my favorite season. Cant wait to see those pics of ur little one and the pumpkins :)

  2. I love Fall, from the clothes to the colors. I cannot wait either.

    Ps. Those pumpkin pictures are adorable...