Wednesday, June 26, 2013


When we found out last September that I had a little girl growing away in my belly, we were SO excited. Excited to be able to pull out Aubrey's hand-me-downs. I envisioned me taking my perfectly well-behaved girls to the salon, where we would all get pedicures. I could just see their first Christmas in matching PJs and looking into their stockings that are each monogrammed with their name. You know, all of the big pictures you imagine when you find out you're going to have two little girls.

But what never really crossed my mind were the little day-to-day events that are SO special and meaningful.. because I never had that growing up. I have two sisters who are pretty friggen amazing, but the difference between our relationship and the more common sister relationship is that they were both already adults when I was born. I'm closer in age to their kids than I am with them. So I missed out on a lot of the real "fun" parts of having a sister at a young age. No building forts and staying up all night talking. No fighting over Barbies. arguing over who gets the last cookie, or who goes first at checkers.

So when imagining all of these perfect scenarios in my head, I never made room for those daily moments.. Like when Aubrey first starting holding Addison all on her own

Or their first holiday (which I unfortunately did NOT get matching pjs for, but come Christmastime, it is ON!)

I look forward to Aubrey teaching Addison the ins and outs of the important things of life.. like sleeping:

and eating:

and playing:

the fine art of being festive for the holidays:

...being a princess:

and most importantly, just lounging around:

And guess what? Even though Addie is a Winter baby and Aubrey was born in the middle of the summer, I can still have Addie rocking the hand-me-downs because she is so chunky! :D
{Addison at 3 months and Aubrey at 10 months}

I got these two gems yesterday right after Addison's naptime. She woke up in the midst of me getting ready for work, so I put her on our bed while figuring out what to wear and Aubrey climbed into bed with her with a blanket and they were giggling and laughing SO hard.. and I instantly heard Keith and few years from now, yelling at them to go to bed at 3:00am because they have been up all night telling jokes in their blanket fort and listening to whatever boy band is popular at the time (please don't let it still be One Direction...)

They are both so amazing, and we are so lucky to have two girls that love each other like these two do. I figured Aubrey would take to having a baby sister pretty easily, but I never thought it would be THIS easy. She has shown zero signs up jealousy and she is always so eager to help and play with her little sis. And you can just tell by the way Addison looks at Aubrey that she is crazy about her. As soon as Aubrey walks in the room, the smile on Addie's face takes up her entire face. I know we have girls that are going to be able to count on each other, and will have a best friend for life. I couldn't have asked for better kids. <3

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