Monday, June 10, 2013

Addie Grace's Baptism!


Yesterday was such an amazing day.

Well, yesterday afternoon, anyway. Because the morning was dreadful. And there may have been some tears on my part. Not the happy, "oh my gosh, my baby is getting baptized today!" tears. But the frustrated, "why do I wait til the last minute to do everything?" tears.

We'll start with Saturday night. I start making the cross-shaped cookie favors, that I decided to frost and decorate and put in a clear cellophane bag with a wallet-size photo of you in your gorgeous Baptism gown that was originally your sister's. I got the dough all set and rolled out on the counter and realized I didn't know where the cookie cutter went. The one that I drove  all over Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire looking for. The one that I ended up finding at a no-name party store for $0.69. Yup, that one.

Half an hour goes by and I finally find it in a bag that was headed towards the trash that had plastic wrappers from paper plates, cups, etc.., but of course by that time the cookie dough has softened to room temperature and was sticking to everything. I manage to scrape it into the bowl and put it back in the fridge to chill for a bit.

3:30 am rolls around and those cookies are DONE. I throw 'em in the fridge for the frosting to harden and hit the sack. 4 hours later, I'm awake again. Time to prep everything else. I recruit your daddy to put your picture in the cellophane bags while I put the finished cookies in. I'm pretty damn pleased with the result.

9:00 am. Crap. I forgot to make the meatballs. I'm supposed to leave to set up the hall in an hour and I FORGOT TO MAKE THE MEATBALLS. Of course, I couldn't take the easy way out and buy them frozen, oh no. They have to be homemade! I scramble to get all of the ingredients together and your daddy saves the day and rolls them and puts them in the oven for me while I prepare the sauce. I nervously leave him in full control because I needed to leave 5 minutes ago.

11:00 am. I am finally at the hall and setting up. Given the fact that I only had an hour, I think I did a pretty good job.

12:20 pm. I get home and rush to get into my dress. The ceremony starts at 1 and the church is 20 minutes away. You are NOT HAPPY with me putting your dress on you and you throw a mini tantrum. 

1:15 pm. We finally arrive at the church. I'm mouthing apologies to our family and feeling pretty awful that we kept everyone waiting. Thankfully you were the only baby being baptized.

You did so well throughout the whole ceremony; and you only got a little upset when the water was poured over your head.

Your baptism was performed by a deacon. When we met with him on Thursday, I felt so connected with him. He explained to us how he didn't go to church very often as a child/teenager, and that he found God after he and his wife experienced a miscarriage. The story hit extremely close to home, because the first time I ever went to church was after we lost your brother. I didn't go as a child because Nana and Grampa didn't go. 

When your daddy & I were trying to decide on Godparents, we knew we wanted someone who would take good care of you. Your cousin, Carina and her husband, Mike are two of the most caring people that we know. We see them often and know that you and your sister are in good hands when you are with them. We were so excited to ask them if they would do us the honor of being your Godparents.

{Addie and her Godmother}

You were all smiles at your celebration. You were given some wonderful gifts from our family who love and care about you and your sister so much. 

Looking at all of these pictures makes all of the tears, headaches, running around, and stress of the morning 110% worth it. I'm so glad you will be able to look back and see pictures of this special day. I love you so much, sweet girl!


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