Sunday, July 20, 2014

Aubrey's 5th Birthday at Davis Farmland!

We have been back from vacation for a little over a week. I think it's time for some updates!

We kicked off our vacation with a trip to Davis Farmland. We try to go there at least once a year. The girls loved it and it was a nice day out!

They added a new display since the last time we went: kittens to adopt! We are not ready to add any more members to our family any time soon, but they were so adorable and fun to cuddle for a little while!

This bunny was adorable. Aubrey got to brush her fur and take her for a walk on a leash.

The only picture you will see of Addie with animal food in her hands. Immediately after this was taken, she mouthed it and wouldn't stop. So we left the feeding to Big Sis and just let her pet them and squeeze them :)

Aubrey was in her glory riding the pony! 

Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

We went to Davis the day after a huge storm. There were two farmers shoveling out wet sand out of a sandbox and Aubrey asked if she could help. She got an Official Junior Farmer sticker for her assistance!

Sorry, Addie. No turtle back rides!

Aubrey making friends.

Hysterical photo op:

We ended our day with a hay ride safari. We were all getting tired.

We ended the day with a pool party at Keith's uncle's house and came home and had a homemade cookie cake!

Happy 5th Birthday, my sweet girl. I love you!

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