Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello, 2013!

I'm so excited to welcome in 2013. I have high hopes for this year (even if it did start off on the wrong foot). Welcoming Addison into the world and completing our family, saving money to move out of this apartment so the girls can have their own rooms and (hopefully!) a yard to play in. Getting into shape after Addison is born and wearing normal clothes again.

2012 was a huge freaking roller coaster ride..


*Celebrated my 25th birthday and on that day, we got to hear little bean's heartbeat for the first time and announced on Facebook that we were pregnant!  
*Keith's sister got engaged. 
*I started having problems with my pregnancy. Diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed. Tons of bedrest. 


*Keith & I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! We got each other pretty much the same cards which was pretty funny. 
*Aubrey made us the sweetest little Valentine at her toddler group! I still have it hanging on the fridge..
*Things continued to be bumpy in my pregnancy. 
*I left my job at Carrabba's and went to another restaurant opening up.


*Rachel & I took the girls to the aquarium! They had a blast looking at all the fish and riding the train.
*On March 6th I went to the hospital because I was in a lot of pain. After hours of waiting, I went in for an ultrasound around 10:30pm. My water broke while I was in the ultrasound room. 45 minutes later, I delivered our little boy at 14 weeks gestation. My heart broke into a million pieces that day. He was so tiny and perfect.
*On March 11, Keith's sister got married! I was a bridesmaid and Miss Aubrey made the cutest little flower girl ever!


*April was a pretty busy month! Rachel & I had a super fun girls night that included too many margaritas, yummy dinner and dessert, awful photobooth pictures, and Leonardo DiCaprio in 3D. Yup, we went and saw Titanic and it was amazing.
*I won 4 free passes to Davis Farmland which was SO much fun! Aubrey had a blast seeing and feeding the animals, playing in the huge playground, and going on a hayride!
*Easter was a lot of fun this year. The older Aubrey gets, the more fun we have with traditions like coloring eggs and having an egg hunt with plastic eggs on Easter morning. 
*Our local church hosted a ceremony for our little man. So many friends and family showed up and it was the perfect day. We did a balloon release at the end and then had a big pot luck lunch/dinner.
*The day after the ceremony was our March for Babies walk! We organized Team KRJ in a little over a month and raised over $500. I'm really excited to do it again this year!


*May brought lots of GORGEOUS weather, which meant lots of playing outside! Playdates with friends, acting silly, picking flowers.. and of course, adult bonfires when the kiddo was up in Maine visiting Grandma with Keith's sister!
*Aubrey & I had a girl's day in Boston! We took the train into the city early in the morning and went to the Children's Museum and had a blast!
*Keith & I had a date to an amusement park and went on this awful roller coaster! I love roller coasters as much as the next guy but this one made me seriously nauseous (although, it could have something to do with something that we discover in...)


*June was probably the best month of 2012. On Father's Day, we got the news we had been waiting 3 months to hear.. I'm pregnant! Naturally I was scared shitless and nervous I was going to go through the same thing again, but I was also so excited at the possibility of finally having another baby.
*I got a job offer! It was such a relief to get out of waitressing and into a sit-down desk job. This job has been such a blessing for us. While waitressing did have it's good parts and I did make pretty decent money, it wasn't constant. I never knew how much money to expect to make on any given day. 
*More gorgeous weather! We took advantage by going to the beach, going to the farm for donuts and animal petting, and an indoor butterfly garden with our besties. 
*My mom & I had a Bingo night! Aubrey even gave me a good luck charm :) Needless to say, we didn't win.. but we had a lot of fun anyway


*July was, sadly, uneventful except for the first week, since I had 4 weeks of training that lasted all day. On the 4th my brother had his annual cookout/block party. We discovered that Aubrey LOVES those little popper things you throw on the ground. Everyone kept trying to get me to drink and take shots because we hadn't told anybody the big news yet. I ended up telling my sister in law and my nephew's girlfriend (I'm sure me refusing alcohol was proof enough, though lol)
*July also brought Aubrey's 3rd birthday!!! It blows my mind that she is already 3 and turning into such an amazing little girl. We celebrated by making a quick run to Panera that morning some breakfast and then taking her into Boston for the day to visit her favorite place - the Children's Museum!
*Aubrey decided that she wanted a Minnie Mouse birthday party. I had a blast planning it. We decided to do water balloons and a sprinkler, and the neighbor that shares a yard had a bounce house and let the kids over to play in that. It was a perfect day!


*We made the big announcement! The love and support was amazing. 
*We celebrated Aubrey's bff's 3rd birthday! Part of our gift for her was matching "BFF" necklaces. <3
*Lazy days at the beach! Aubrey went through a phase where those guys didn't leave her side. I was nervous we were going to lose them in the sand but she kept them on a short leash haha
*14 week belly pic. I miss being small. Wah.


*September was a bittersweet month. The 3rd was my due date with KRJ, so it started off kind of blah.. but didn't take very long to turn around.
*Aubrey started dance class! I really wanted to get her into a fun activity where she can get out of the house every week and she LOVES it.
*We found out that we are going to be having another little girl!! We had a gender reveal party and it was a lot of fun. I went to Carter's with my mom after my ultrasound with a sealed envelope in hand of the results and picked out two outfits - a boy outfit and a girl outfit - and had the cashier open the envelope and put the appropriate outfit in a box and tape it up nice and tight. When we got back to my mom's house, we wrapped up the box and I didn't open it until later that night when we had our friends and family over. It was such a special moment!
*Little lady has a name! 


*October means apple picking! We found an awesome farm/orchard about 20 minutes from our house that we never knew about before. Aubrey had a blast picking apples and finding the perfect pumpkin! She, of course, decided to carve an Angry Birds pattern on it. 
*October 21st marked 13 years since my dad passed away. It's hard to believe that he has been gone for officially more than half of my life now. I was 12 when we lost him to cancer. I wish he could be here today to watch his granddaughters grow up.
*Aubrey chose to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year! I love to make up little goodie bags for her to open on the morning of a holiday that isn't a typical "gift" holiday like Christmas or Easter. This year I decided on some Halloween stickers, a book, a flashlight for her to bring trick-or-treating, and a Halloween themed yogurt. She loved it!


*November was a blast! We took the train into Boston with Aubrey's cousins and went to the Children's Museum (yes, we are obsessed with that place).. They had a Nutcracker exhibit that included coloring pages and meeting a ballerina from the Boston Ballet.
*We had some freak warm weather that allowed us to spend time outside with no jackets. Say whaaat?
*When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to plan some fun things to do - just the 2 of us - before baby gets here. When I saw that Phineas & Ferb were coming to my hometown I knew I had to take her! She had SO. MUCH. FUN. It made the $12 sno cone and $10 cotton candy 100% worth it to see her face light up, especially when she got to meet one of the dancers and give Perry the Platypus a high-five!


*Oh, December.. if it weren't for the cold and snow you would be my favorite month of the year, hands down. Always so much going on! We had so much fun decorating our tree this year, and this was the first year that Aubrey had her own little tree in her room! She loved being able to rearrange the ornaments as she wanted to.
*This was also the first year that our Elf came to visit! We named him Jingle since he brought Aubrey a jingle bell ornament for her tree on his first night here, along with a chocolate advent calendar and a Christmas movie.
*Aubrey had her first dance recital! She did SO great and I was one proud momma. Her class did "I Got A Cold For Christmas" and they were adorable. Their costumes were Christmas PJs, which was perfect because I didn't have to drop another $50+ on a costume when I already am for her June recital ;)
*We went to the Stone Zoo for some Christmas fun! The whole zoo was decorated in lights and we got to meet Santa.
*The day before Christmas Eve, Jingle brought us a gingerbread kit to make. Aubrey had been asking for one all month so she was super excited!
*Christmas morning was so much fun. Every year it just gets better and better because she gets so much more excited! I just want to share a picture from her first Christmas.
It's amazing how much she has changed in just a few years!:

*New Years Eve was spent at home watching movies and Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve (Minus the Dick Clark. Boooo) Aubrey almost made it to midnight but passed out right after 11. Obviously I couldn't drink anything, but Keith got me some sparkling cider that was really good. Naturally I had to put it in a fancy glass so I wouldn't feel so left out when Keith busted out the good stuff.

Overall 2012 was pretty good to us, besides when we lost KRJ.. but it definitely shaped me and made me a stronger person and taught me to take life one day at a time and not take anything for granted. I'm so thankful we were able to get pregnant again so soon (even though now it feels like I have been pregnant for like 10 years lol). I'm so thankful that we have our health, our family and friends, and of course each other. 2013 is going to be amazing, I just know it!

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