Monday, March 10, 2014

Sickle B. Pickle

*Back dated post. One of these days I'll keep on top of things and I won't need to do this.. one day...*

This winter has been brutal for the Sawtelles. Addison got sick not too long ago, and then it was Aubrey's turn. We went to the emergency room on Sunday night because Aubrey was just not holding anything down. She got sick about 20 times over the night. No joke. 

There was a lot of people waiting to be seen at the ER, so we set up camp on a bench. 

When we finally got in, they pumped her full of fluids to try to hydrate her. Luckily, they had lots of stickers so we could decorate!

We were discharged late that night with instructions to follow up with her doctor in the morning, who sent us right back to the hospital because she was very dehydrated, due to not being able to hold anything down. We ended up getting admitted to the pediatrics wing where we spent the night.

Keith couldn't leave work so I had both Aubrey and Addison for pretty much the whole day. Which was an adventure, because I was not about to let Addie crawl around the hospital floor so she was 20 forms of pissed off because she couldn't explore. We took a walk to the gift shop to get her big sissy some coloring books and a couple small dinosaurs to cheer her up. I think it worked!

 They had a family room with a ton of movies and board games, so when Addison and Daddy left, we spent the night playing games and eating sorbet with a tv that swivels. Because we are fancy like that.

Once the kiddo was in bed, I snuck out to the freezer, grabbed an Italian Ice, and watched The Final Rose Ceremony and commented to myself on how much of a jackass Juan Pablo is. Where did they find this clown? I bet Des was so relieved she sent him packin'!

We were discharged around 10:00 on Tuesday morning and Aubrey was finally acting like her normal self.  I, on the other hand, was dying because I think it's every hospital's mission to find the most uncomfortable pull out bed known to man for parents to sleep on in the pediatrics wing. 

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