Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 Bucket List: a 1/3rd year update!

Wowza, can you believe the year is already 1/3 of the way over? Where the heck is 2014 going and why is it in such a rush?!

I thought it would be fun to do a bucket list update to see what we have accomplished so far, and what we need to work on the other 2/3rds of the year!

1. Lose 30+ pounds. Can we just... not talk about this? I have lost some, and not gained, so that's a plus. Still a long way to go, though. After seeing candids of me from Addie's party, I know something needs to be done.

2. Start saving for our DISNEY TRIP! Look, guys! We slapped a Mickey Money sticker on an UTZ pretzel rod jar and started saving! Woohoo! I'm pretty sure the amount we have in there will only buy us a couple rounds of Dole Whips, but it's a start!

{you can customize your own Mickey Money sticker for your upcoming Disney trip in this Etsy shop}

3. Learn to coupon. Why is it so hard to remember to get the Sunday paper? I also need a printer. 

4. Make my marriage wonderful. A work in progress. We have discussed our wants and needs and we are both putting in effort to make our marriage kick ass. :)

5. Blog more. I'm coming up with some kind of schedule/routine (one that doesn't include back-blogging 10 entries in a weekend. Ooooops) 

6. Declutter/Get 100% ORGANIZED. We got some totes and baskets to organize our hall closet. I have gone through the girls' dresser and removed things that don't fit. We can now see the floor in the master bedroom closet. It's coming along!

7. Fill picture frames and DECORATE. Uh yeah, haven't even touched this one yet.

8. Go on more day trips. We actually have a pretty full few weeks coming up! Boston Children's Museum on Saturday.  I took the girls on an impromptu trip to an indoor playground yesterday on our way to go grocery shopping. We'll be hitting up another one next week. A fun "farmland" in a few weeks when they open. If only the weather would warm up a bit!

9. Make family photo albums. Again, haven't really touched any pictures.

10. Run my first 5k. Oy. With Addison being a stage 5 clinger and getting awful separation anxiety when I get up to pee, I can't even bring her to the gym's daycare. Hoping she grows out of this stage... and fast!

Well.. it's a start. Ha.

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