Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Boston Children's Museum

One of our favorite things to do is to go into Boston and head to the Children's Museum. There are a zillion things to do there, not to mention the train ride to get there is always an adventure!

On this random Saturday, we woke up early, ate breakfast, and headed to the train station. As we passed the ticket window, someone's little eyes spied a Dunkin Donuts, so of course a request was made for a strawberry donut with sprinkles.

It's about 45 minutes to Boston from our train station, so we always try to bring fun things to do to pass the time in between looking out the window. On this particular day, we decided on coloring, playing doctor on a certain platypus, and playing with the "guys".

We finally got there and made our way to the museum using the subways. Aubrey had a blast going up and down countless elevators (I'm looking forward to the day when I don't need to bring a stroller with us and we can use the escalators like everyone else!) and boarding and un-boarding the T with so many people. 

Most of the pictures are here, along with some video:

But here are some of my favorites!

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