Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photo Dump

Addie's birthday party is this weekend so I promise a real post then. But for now.. life lately.

Last month we went to ZooLights to check out our local zoo all decked out in beautiful lights. We got this gem of the girls and Santa and proceeded to take an adorable family photo.

I was excited to be able to volunteer in Aubrey's class for their Christmas party! I made a Christmas tree shaped fruit platter and another mom made these adorable snowman yogurt cups.

Little Man's stock pile has been accumulating! Baby boy clothes are so fun to shop for!

Speaking of little man.. I went for an ultrasound recently where they turned the 3D feature on. This is my 4th pregnancy and it was my first time getting a 3D ultrasound. Pretty neat! They are estimating him to be a pound already. My little squish <3

Ever since finding out we were pregnant, Keith has thrown the name "Brady" into every baby-related conversation we had. At first I hated it, but slowly it started growing on me. I decided to surprise him with this ornament on Christmas morning to let him know he won the battle. We will be welcoming Brady Frederick sometime on Memorial Day weekend! Frederick was my dad's middle name. I wanted to honor him in someway and I think it goes well with Brady!

The girls got messy with some ice cream cones

Aubrey's #1 wish this Christmas was for an American Girl doll, but once she saw this knock-off doll at Target with purple highlights in her hair, she had to have her! I'm sure Santa appreciated saving the $100 ;)

I found these Legend of Zelda dolls at a local comic store and knew Aubrey HAD to have them. She is obsessed with watching me play the game. Addie got a Minnie Mouse drum with a ton of instruments in it. Be on the look out for her debut album. She goes hard on those drums.

To get ready for Brady, we transitioned Aubrey's IKEA loft bed into a bunk bed to get Addie out of her crib! We were pretty nervous but she has been doing GREAT! Up until the bed, we would hold her until she fell asleep and then put her in her crib, so I was nervous she would keep getting up. The first few nights, Keith had to lay on the floor with her for upwards of 2 hours until she fell asleep, but now we put her in there and she cries for a few minutes and goes right to sleep. She still gets up halfway through the night and makes her way to our bed, but baby steps!

Even though she goes to bed on her own at night, I still love snuggling her to sleep for naptimes during the day.  <3

We battled a month-long plague. It was awful. 

I recently became obsessed with tea. Teavana is my new favorite store, and I totally love this Teatanic tea infuser!

Can we take a second and talk about how BIG little Lillian is getting? If you've been following the blog for a little bit you'll remember when she was born at 27 weeks gestation last year. We will be celebrating her first birthday next weekend and can't believe how far she has come in a year!

Keith got me this gorgeous new camera. We haven't ventured out much since I got it, but I did get to take it to Disney on Ice last weekend and it took great photos! 

I recently took a couponing class to learn the basics of saving some money on our grocery bill. 

And last but not least... the most exciting photo we have to share.. 

So thrilled to be moving OUT of an apartment and into a house! We will still be renting, but we are thinking this will be the perfect "for now" home while we work towards getting a house a few years down the road. It's a 3 bedroom, so the girls will share a room and Brady will get his own room. The backyard is humongous (look at it!!), and there is a nice sunny playroom for the kids to play in. We are literally 2 minutes away from our favorite park and bakery, and the school district is good! Spending my whole childhood growing up in the city, I have never lived in a house with a backyard so I am really excited to be able to have this for my children. I can't wait for swing sets and little swimming pools, and cookouts in the summer! I asked our landlord if we would have access to the garden boxes, because I think Aubrey would really enjoy starting her own garden, but I guess they rotted and had to be removed. I am going to ask him if it would be okay for me to build another one. We are moving at the end of February and it can not come soon enough!! We are putting down our security deposit and signing our lease tomorrow and then the fun and packing begins!


  1. Awww, look at all those pictures! So cute! And congrats on your move!!! I know that must feel SOOO good! Well, after the hard work is done. haha.

  2. 3D ultrasounds always amaze me! Congrats on moving to a new place. It's always exciting to get a little more space to stretch out in... =)