Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Ever since I was 13, Father's Day didn't excite me. It meant another trip to the cemetery, more tears, and more missing my dad. 

On Saturday, my mom & I got up early and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. When my dad was sick and in the hospital, our neighbor took us there for the first time just to get us out of the house, and since then, it's our favorite place to go together. It's comforting to us. 

After breakfast, we stopped and got some flowers and then headed to the cemetery. This was my first time in years going without any kids, so I was really able to get down and dirty. I can see why so many people like gardening. It's really relaxing and therapeutic!

The girls made these handprint stepping stones and I think they came out great! 

It wasn't until Father's Day of 2010, when Aubrey was 11 months old, did it finally start meaning something positive to me again.

He is such an amazing daddy to our girls. I think part of that is because he is just a big kid himself. He loves to get down on the floor and chase them around the house, and they never smile so big as when they are getting a piggy back ride. 

On Sunday, we got up and cooked him his favorite breakfast: french toast, bacon, hashbrowns and corned beef hash. And then, instead of spending the day relaxing, he suggested going to Build-a-Bear to take advantage of the My Little Pony sale. Seriously, what a guy.

I had to work later that night, so we couldn't really do anything fancy for dinner. Keith ended up going to his dad's house for a cookout with the girls. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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