Friday, July 6, 2012

#12 - Visit a museum

For Aubrey's birthday, we decided to go to the Boston Children's Museum, which was #12 on our Summer Bucket list!

Of course, my camera decided to be MIA so all I have are a few crappy cell phone pictures. 

We got up early to catch the train into the city, making a breakfast run before heading to the station. 

We spent the 45 minute ride reading, playing with Aubrey's "guys" (figurines) and munching on our bagels. Before we knew it, we were in Beantown. 

We got to the museum pretty soon after it opened, so it wasn't too packed which is always a plus. 

Aubrey had a blast playing in the play house, "shopping" in the pretend store, banging on the steel drums, and playing in the bubble room!

(The magic of green screens)

She also has a new found love for Arthur (which I am definitely loving!) after making her tv debut on his show. ;)

If there's one thing Aubrey got from Keith, it is her love of basketball. Every season, they are watching the game and chanting "Let's go Celtics!". So it was no surprise to me when they spent 20 minutes in the sports room, which had a ton of bouncy balls and a few basketball hoops.

After spending the day at the museum, we came back home and went to Keith's dad's for cake and swimming in the pool and then made our way home where we all slept wonderfully. 

I couldn't have asked for a better day with my little family!

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