Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A breath of fresh air.

You know how when you go to a theme park and ride the roller coaster with all of the loops and huge hills, you feel as though you left your stomach at the top of the first drop? And then you finally feel it coming back to you as the ride slowly makes its last curve at the end of the ride? That's about where I am right now and I can not wait until the harness lifts up and I can run to the exit.

Before we got our fetal MRI results back, I got a phone call from the receptionist at a pediatric neurologist up in Lebanon where we had the test done. I had received no phone call saying that we were being referred to the neurologist, so naturally I freaked out and they weren't able to give me any information over the phone. We were able to set up an appointment with the neurologist the next day so thankfully we didn't have to wait long for our results.

Some doctors LOVE to beat around the bush when delivering any kind of news, while inside you are screaming "JUST TELL ME ALREADY". Bless this doctor's heart, the first thing he said to us was that there were NO signs of anything else wrong in Brady's brain. The ventricles are still mildly enlarged, but since that is the only red flag we are in a great spot. I will have a few more ultrasounds before he's born to make sure they don't get any bigger, but we should be in the clear.
For the first time since we strapped ourselves into this this roller coaster ride, I was able to cry tears of relief, rather than the tears of fear and uncertainty that had made it's way down my cheeks way too many times this pregnancy. I am finally able to breathe.

In other news, I passed my gestational diabetes test, which was great news! My iron is low and they have me taking supplements for that. It would definitely explain why I have felt more tired than usual. I'm also down to biweekly appointments! It's always exciting when your appointments get closer together. We are nearing the end! I officially have all of the worksheets and paperwork for the hospital, a prescription for my breast pump, and papers have been signed for a tubal litigation after my c-section. I'm finally confident in saying that I am completely okay with being done having babies. This pregnancy has done a number on me emotionally, and we are happy with 3 kids.
I will do a photo update soon! Brady's nursery is almost done. I have a few DIY projects I plan on doing this week/weekend for both his and the girls' rooms, so I will be doing room tours eventually :)

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