Monday, August 25, 2014

Countdown to Kindergarten!

This is it. The last Monday before Kindergarten. We've spent the last week preparing for this big day. We went school shopping with Grammy last Sunday and Aubrey picked out a bunch of "cool clothes" (including a zebra print sweatshirt.. yup she's definitely my kid!)

A mommy-and-me date on Monday, just the two of us, to shop for more clothes and accessories. But not before stopping at our local airport's diner for some breakfast and plane watching.

We have been getting Miss A to bed earlier each night so she's used to it by the time Wednesday night rolls around. It's definitely super important for kids to get enough sleep during the school year and we haven't had the strictest schedule over the summer. She has been adjusting to it really well. 

We were invited to go to a kindergarten meet-up this morning at the playground at Aubrey's new school so the kids could meet each other. We were all asked to bring a snack or drink, so Aubrey and I spent the weekend making these adorable fish snacks!

They were super easy to make. You will need the following:

- A printer
- Crayons (or you could find a clip art fish that is already colored. I thought having Aubrey color them herself would add a cute touch)
- Ribbon
- A hole punch
- Plastic baggies (I used sandwich bags- no zip closure- and just trimmed the tops after I was done so they looked "neater")
- Goldfish. I got 3 packages and it made about 40 bags with between 25-30 in each)

My plan was to put Addie to bed early last night and have Aubrey help me by counting the fish to put in each bag, but I got the mother of all migraines and had to go lay down for a good chunk of the night. I woke up around 10:00 and finished them myself. The whole process probably took about 2 hours total.

They were a huge hit with all of the kids and parents! 

The best part of the meet-up was meeting a new friend that will be in her class! These two were joined at the hip from the moment they said "hi!". Her mom & I exchanged phone numbers for play dates. I hope their friendship blossoms throughout the year!

The next couple of days will include an open house tomorrow to see her teacher (we met her briefly today - she was so nice! Aubrey loves her!), explore the classroom, and see where her desk and cubby will be. Wednesday she has a dentist appointment and will be getting a hair cut. Keith got Thursday off so he can come with us to drop Aubrey off at her first day (and to hold me today as I sob the whole way home :D)

I can't believe this week is here! Anybody else sending their kiddos off to school for the first time?

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