Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

...and just like that, the day that we spend planning for has come and gone!

{the morning of our Polar Express breakfast at a local movie theatre!}

Our Christmas was amazing. Out of the 26 Christmases I have had, this had been my favorite, hands down. Not because of the material things.. in fact, Keith & I only got each other one gift each and didn't spend more than $30. Watching the magic of Christmas through both of my girls' eyes was just the most amazing feeling ever.


This was the first year that Aubrey really, REALLY "got it". Nonstop talk about Santa, making her own list (and not just things that I wanted for her or knew she would like), getting starstruck when meeting Santa, decorating homemade cookies with friends, doing a Christmas countdown on a chalkboard, helping Addie open her presents, and seeing her eyes light up at every Christmas display put so much joy in my heart.

Addison enjoyed her first Christmas as much as a 10-month-old could. She loved looking at the tree and her favorite activity day in and day out was dragging the tree skirt around the house.

{womp womp}

This was also our first year with a real tree! We took our artificial one out and I spent an hour organizing the branches just right, only to plug it in and have two consecutive rows of lights not work! I just wanted to lay down right there under the tree and cry. We tried switching bulbs, tightening them, loosening them, nothing worked. So off we went to pick a real one! Vacuuming around the tree every day was a pain but I loved being greeted by the scent of pine whenever I walked in the door.

Seeing both of our families on Christmas Eve was amazing. We were blessed with the most amazing people in our lives!

I'm not going to sit here and list everything we got for gifts but I do want to note our favorites so we can look back and remember!

Aubrey loves her LeapPad 2 and My Little Pony Tent. Especially sleeping in it.

Addison can't stop playing with her Olivia the Pig lovey and Fisher Price barn (okay, so they both love that).

Keith looking mighty fine in his Adam Levine hat

I'm obsessed with the Alex and Ani bracelet that Keith got me, as well as this adorable apron that Rachel made for me and the Chocolate Bible I can't wait to make some recipes from!

I was excited to do our Christmas traditions, and even start a new one this year with the reindeer food that Jingle brought for us!

This weekend will consist of taking down the Christmas decorations, organizing a play area for the girls in our living room and doing some much-needed cleaning!

{ho ho ho! bubble beards!}

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Glad you had a nice Christmas! Seeing the kids' faces light up while opening presents is the best feeling of all, isn't it? I feel like this Christmas came so quickly. I don't feel like I even had enough time to really enjoy all of the "before" Christmas stuff, and now it's over!

    1. Seriously! Where did this holiday season go? I need to start my shopping way early next year so I can focus on celebrating and spending time with my family instead of waiting in line at the mall!