Monday, May 13, 2013

Photo dump & life lately.

Now that we are officially 100% all moved in to our new home, I am so excited to get back into blogging. I have so many ideas for decorating and things I can't wait to buy for this place. We are so happy here and I can't wait to make memories in this new chapter of our lives.

In the next week or two I will be doing a lot of back-blogging to Easter, Addie's first couple of doctors appointments, and things like that. Mostly this is for my personal record because I can't wait to share this blog with the girls when they are older, but maybe some of my followers are interested to. Who knows ;)

In the last couple of months, so many things have happened. Keith's sister had a beautiful baby boy about a month after Addie was born. He has the most gorgeous, long blond hair. We are very jealous because at a day shy of 3 months old, Addie shows no hope of getting hair any time soon.

One major perk to our new place is being in walking distance of Barnes & Noble. We love coming here for story time!

Addie loves getting on the floor and playing. 

Candid photos are my favorite.

Grilling is my new favorite method of cooking. For an electric grill, I must say I'm impressed. I was a little bummed when hearing that the condo association doesn't allow anything else but this thing does a damn good job.

We clean up nicely.

We've watched Wreck-It Ralph about a zillion and seven times. Aubrey's favorite part of the movie is when they are having the 30th Anniversary party and dancing and everyone is singing "Fix it, Felix wooop wooop!" She busts out with the song and dance all the time. It's hilarious.

There's a sweet path right outside of our door perfect for riding trikes!

Dressing Addie in Aubrey's old clothes is fun.

{aubs on the left, addie on the right}


Long story short: our girls are awesome, our marriage rocks, and life is good.


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